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Welcome to Witch Gathering: Where Magic Meets Community

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🌙 Embrace the Magic Within 🌙

Welcome to Witch Gathering, a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the wisdom of the Earth, the power of the witch, and the magic of connection.


Here, we're more than just a gathering; we're a coven of kindred spirits, brought together by a shared love for nature, tradition and the mystical arts.

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🌙 Join us for a free mystical Witching Hour on Feb 7th at 8:30 CET! 🐉✨

Explore Serpent energy with Powder Shamana and Beewitching Titanilla in our first 2024 gathering.


Unravel ancient secrets and ignite your spirit—don't miss this enchanting online experience!

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Our Vision

We're on a sacred mission to unite womxn, witches, and healers of the Earth.


Our goal is to connect, share our stories, inspire one another and collectively celebrate the rich and ancient wisdom the Earth offers.

We believe in the power of coming together, in both virtual and real spaces, to nurture our souls and nurture the world around us.

What we offer

Online Coven

Join us each month during the "Witching Hour," led by our founder Titanilla, along with guest witches. It's a free online gathering where we explore magic, connection, and the mysteries of the craft.



Monthly Newsletter  "Coven Call"

Stay updated with our monthly newsletter the 'Coven Call'.  Let's keep connected, informed and inspired.


In-Person Retreat - Samhain Gathering '24

Immerse yourself in the magic of an in-person gathering. Discover the enchanting landscapes and mystical traditions of Scotland during the Samhain season. Explore accommodations, workshop schedules and secure your spot.
Early-bird tickets will be announced soon.

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Join us on this magical journey and become part of a community that honours the sacred, embraces the mysteries and celebrates the power of unity.


Witch Gathering is your online sanctuary for all things witchcraft, healing and the Earth.

🌟 Embrace Your Magic and Join Our Coven Today! 🌟

Join the Coven

Thank you for stepping into our world and exploring the magic that is Witch Gathering.

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